There have been recent updates in advertising regulations set by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia.
Price lists relating to non-surgical aesthetic procedures are no longer permitted to be displayed or advertised. Certain terminology that was previously well known and regularly used is now also prohibited.

The clinicians at Gaia Skin Clinic welcome these changes.

Non-Surgical Aesthetic procedures are medical procedures, and we firmly believe they should not be glamorised, nor the risks of treatment be glossed over. This should not be an industry where a decision to proceed with an aesthetic treatment is based on competitive pricing, or where a negative emphasis is placed on a person’s natural anatomy or the natural process of ageing to motivate or influence people to seek treatment.
Instead, the focus should be on the quality and holistic approach of the consultation, and the education provided to the client to make an informed decision. The skills, experience, education and knowledge of the clinician providing the procedures should be well considered when making a decision to proceed with non-surgical aesthetic treatments.
With a dedication to ethical practices, our skilled clinicians offer personalised consultations and evidence-based treatments, and we can be trusted to accompany you on your journey to enhance your appearance or address any aesthetic concerns you may have, with integrity and professionalism.

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